szolgaltatasokOur service fulfils in the scope of occupational health service the occupational, professional and personal hygienic medical aptitude tests based on the 33/1998 (IV.24.) order and the modified 27/2000 (IX.30.) EüM order.
In the scope of that, occupational health services offered by us are:



 Basic services:

  • Aptitude tests before starting employment
  • Periodical examinations:
    • in case of physical workers yearly
    • in case of people working in administrative and other fields of work every two years
  • We do leaving workers' closing examination and we record their health status at this point to prevent  legal proceedings later on
  • We examine people out of turn if they are suitable for a job
  • We fulfil people's examination, who are on the sick-list over 30 days, again, if they are suitable for a job
  • Examinations because the employees' field of work has changed
  • Direction of the necessary documentation
  • We give referrals for the necessary specialist examinations
  • We solve and treat foreign workers' medical problems
  • We vaccinate people against various illnesses
  • We perform ophthalmological screening tests (aptitude test), referring patients who sit more than 4 hours in front of the screen to specialist's examination
  • Healthcare consultation for employees
  • Information connected with the working conditions of employees
  • Contribution to explorations of dangers at workplaces
  • Proactive compliance in forcing back absence and workplace risk factors (previous information about influenza epidemic)
  • Participation in the formation of the modern employees' health politics
  • Examination of workplace risk on the spot (standing, sitting, bearing, workplace accidents)
  • Contribution to the elaboration of the employer's catastrophe-preventing, averting, winding up and the caused damages' rehabilitation plan
  • Contribution to the organization of first aid and urgent medical attendance, professional preparation of people giving first aid
  • Making of documentations in terms of lines from "factoryhealth" point of view (e.g. noise, changing each other every two hours, respiration protecting masks)
  • In case of setting a new factoryline, we survey and countersign the start up record from occupation point of view
  • Other services belonging to occupation health

Extra service:

  • Validation of driving licences (owner-driver and professional)
  • Medical examinations necessary for firearms licence according to the fees ordained by order
  • ECG examination every year
  • Blood-sugar level examination and screening test of level of cholesterol every year
  • Employees of the company can turn to us with other health problems without extra paying

Optional service:

  • Organization and arrangement of other complex screening tests, according to needs even at workplaces
  • Organization and arrangement of specialist consultations
  • English communication for foreign employees
  • Full-scale family doctor service according to needs
  • Professional manager screening test for management

Information about manager screening tests:

It's a specially developed service for those, who are exposed to increased psychic burdens at their workplace besides for those, who have a "sitting" job, have a little free time, but would like to look after and protect their health.

Aim: preventing and and early recognintion of illness, according to that filtering out of factors making us susceptible to illnesses and active helping to form a healthy lifestyle (proper diet, exercise program)

Examinations contained by manager screening tests:

  • Wide laboratory test
  • Internal - cardiological examination
  • ECG, burdened ECG
  • Chest X-ray
  • Hearing examination
  • Breathing functions examination
  • According to needs gastroenterological examination (abdomen, little pelvis ultrasound examination, Heliobacter pylori, Occult blood test)
  • Thorough abdomen and little pelvis ultrasound examination
  • Urological screening test depending on age, gynaecological screening test
  • Ophthalmological examination
  • Surgical examination
  • Lower limbs circulation examination (Doppler examination)
  • Psychic state examination

Those examinations what we as occupation health doctors or family doctors are not competent
to do in our consulting-rooms, we have it done in local hospitals or consulting rooms through our wide connections with hospitals.

We make a general medical expert opinion based ont he above examinations, suggest possible further examinations, treatments, lifestyle changes.